Dental Office Security

Colorado Security Group (CSG) has a specially modeled design for a dental office. This design is specially created to meet a high level of security to protect the dentist and staff. The dental office is generally thought to be a safe place but more and more dentists are finding themselves in the center of a controversy, being accused of something that they wish they could prove differently. CSG has a simple solution where there is no additional work needed by the office staff. A camera in each exam room, a network video recorder that records whenever there is someone in the room. Cameras placed where they capture the dental work, without interference from incoming sunlight and provide security in the dark if any intrusion were to take place. Recordings are maintained on the server for a logical period of time, like 30 days then overwritten. If an accusation arises, then the video serves as a testimony of what exactly took place in the office.

Reports of accusations in dental offices

Harassment -- you can't be too careful - like to a publication
This is a publication from Crest and the cost of harassment cases

Dentist accused of groping female patient
The office says it was impossible to happen, with security cameras, it would be clear what happened