Colorado security group

Colorado Security Group (CSG) is a top security company with over 20 years of combined experience and over 6000 camera installs. We specialize in video surveillance and access control.

Bosch Certified

CSG is Bosch certified and provides all types of video surveillance, from small 3 camera solutions to medium 110 camera solutions to large solutions. We also provide access control solutions using Bosch technology.

Wireless solutions

CSG has years of experience, starting back when WIFI was a fast speed of 11Mb/s to today's speeds of over 1Gb/s. Our wireless design can take any requirement and make an easy solution.

What do you get with CSG?

Our business is based around 3 important points.
1. Give the right solution
2. Make it for the right price
3. Complete the job in the right time.

We are all consumers and we know what we don't like, so we deliberately focus to give what the customer wants.

With CSG you get the confidence of quality work done with years of experience.